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The story of Muisto


Muisto Soaps are traditional Estonian handmade soaps, which are crafted with love and care in Lahemaa. For more than a century we have been making unique soaps, using old family recipes of our great grandmother, passed down from one generation to the next. Our soaps are authentic, historical Nordic soaps. They are made by a hot processing method and based on the traditional components of Lard and Sodium Hydroxide. We grow the herbs we use ourself, for the exclusive use in the soapmaking, thus guaranteeing their highest quality and best possible properties. In our production we only use natural, pure and locally sourced ingredients.  

Throughout the years we have been through thick and thin. We have always worked together to survive and hold onto our heritage throughout times of war, occupation and recession. The dignified length of the Muisto company and even longer history of heritage act as proofs of our endurance and hardiness.

Our soaps are not merely objects of necessity, they are an important part of Nordic heritage. By crafting these old time soaps the traditional way, we honour and keep alive the heritage of our family and that of the entire Estonian people. Traditions, endurance and commitment are our principles. Following those principles Muisto Soap Masters craft truly unique, one of a kind traditional soaps. Soaps, which are one of a kind and can not be found anywhere else in Estonia, the Nordics or, in fact, the entire World.

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