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The soap decides the quality of your day.
A great responsibility for such a small thing.

As you may know, it is not easy to boil soap. The secret to a great soap lies in choosing the right raw materials and successfully combining everything into a harmonious whole. Just as a master chef can turn ordinary ingredients into a masterpiece while others would make it into, well, a very ordinary dish. But it's not only about the ingredients either. It's also about the method. It takes an extremely long time to craft our soaps, but every second feels meaningful when you are obsessed with creating a truly masterful. Just making a single batch of our Rosemary soap requires at least 20 hours of work by our craftsmen - not including the time it takes to prepare, gather and measure out the ingredients. These 20 hours also don't include the time it takes for the soaps to dry - entire two more weeks. 

Parts are just parts. The secret is to put them together in a way such that the results satisfy both body and soul.


Cinnamon and Myrrh soap

Cinnamon and myrrh were held in high regard already in the antique times.

In ancient Egypt myrrh was used in perfumes. 

Myrrh is a very strong antiseptic which also helps to lower stress.

Cinnamon is an antioxidant which also stimulates the blood circulation.

Together they create a soap which has a cosy aroma, deep history and a symbolic meaning.

Rosemary soap

Rosemary gives the soap a beautiful colour, strong and fine aroma, as well as many healthy vitamin's from it's essential oil.

Rosemary was widely known already in the ancient times. Known primeraly for it's essential oils.

Ever since, there have been many legends and stories telling us of the immense power and beauty of rosemary.


Calendula and Lavender soap

Calendula and Lavender soap has an antiseptic and pore cleaning effect. It is soft and thus pleasent on the skin, making it a perfect soap for sensitive skin. Lavender, which the Romans added to their bathwater, has been known for thousands of years as an anti inflammatory and stress relieving plant. Our own grown and freshly minced Calendula blossoms give the soap not only a pleasant look and aroma but also a piece of nordic nature.


Sage soap

Sage soap, with it's vivid colour and aroma, tempts not only with the looks, but also with the healthy effects it has. It stimulates and balances the nervous system, soothes headaches and helps with sleeplessness. It elevates the mental and physical abilities. Sage offers a strong relief against skin irritation.


Salt soap

In our salt soap we use no ordinary salt. We use pink himalayan salt of only the highest quality. The pink crystal salt is not too rough on the skin. In fact the salt melts during the washing and all the healthy minerals are absorbed into the skin. A fresh aroma is created by peppermint and lemongrass essential oils.

Goat milk soap

Goat milk soap has a creamy texture and a moisturizing and softening effect on the skin. 

Goat milk has been added into the bath water ever since ancient times. Even Cleopatra herself was known for taking goat milk baths. 

Goat milk helps to soften, nourish and moisturize the skin.


Buckthorn soap

Sea buckthorn soap is a real natural vitamin bomb. The soap contains both crushed berries, which give the soap its yellowish color, and whole dried sea buckthorn berries. When washed, an oil rich in vitamins and carotene seeps out of the berries, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin.  In addition, sea buckthorn oil helps regulate skin metabolism and clean pores.

Tar soap

A tar soap is a true classic, with the historic roots extending as far back as the 17th century. In our soap we use Finnish pine tar, Hautaterva in finnish. When it comes to tar, Hautaterva is true gold. Tar from the forests of northern Finland and the careful handicraft of our skilled masters gives this soap a sense of traditional nordic nature and heritage.


Hemp soap

Hemp soap is a true healing soap. A lot of crushed hemp leaves and hemp seed oil has been added to it. Hemp has a strong anti inflammatory efect, which helps to cure acne and eczema. Hemp soap is healthy and invigorating for everyone, suited just as well for rough skin, as it is for soft.

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