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Goose fat and Thyme Soap
  • Goose fat and Thyme Soap

    Goose fat and Thyme soap


    Goose fat soap softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it perfectly suited for people with delicate skin. In addition to the olecin acid rich goose fat, on which the soap is based, natural thyme has also been added. Thyme gives the soap not only a beautiful colour and aroma, but also an antiseptic and anti inflammatory effect.

    In ancient Greece thyme leaves were added to the bath water. In the middle ages it was believed that Thyme gives the wearer courage. Therefore Ladies gave Thyme leaves to their knight's before heading into battle.

    A wonderfully soft and creamy soap, fantastically suited for winter time.

    • Ingredients

      Goose fat, Sodium hydroxide, Thyme

    • Weight

      120 grams

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