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Rosemary soap

Rosemary soap

Rosemary soap


truly spirited soap with a sense of magic and an unforgettable aroma, perfectly suited for Christmas.

Rosemary gives the soap a beautiful colour, strong and fine aroma, as well as many healthy vitamin's from it's essential oil.

Rosemary was widely known already in the ancient times. Known primeraly for it's essential oils.

Ever since, there have been many legends and stories telling us of the immense power and beauty of rosemary.

The Greeks dedicated Rosemary to the goddess Venus, because it was seen as a symbol of love and remembrance. In the antique times it was believed that rosemary elevates the spirit, protects from nightmares and preserves youth.

In medieval Europe rosemary was used for wedding wreaths and bouquets as it was known that rosemary protects a person from disease and evil spirits. At the times of plague and other epidemics alike people burned rosemary branches to decintefect the air.

Rosemary was also the primary component in the famous elixir of youth. According to the legend it transformed a 72 year old crippled princess into a beautiful and healthy young maiden. Hence the name The Queen of Hungary's water.



  • Ingredients

    Lard, Sodium hydroxide, dried Rosemary, freshly minced Rosemary, Rosemary essential oil

  • Weight

    120 grams

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