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Marigold-Lavendel Soap

Marigold-Lavendel Soap

Marigold-Lavender soap


Marigold and Lavendel soap has an antiseptic and pore cleaning effect. It is soft and thus pleasent on the skin, making it a perfect soap for sensitive skin. Lavendel, which the Romans added to their bathwater, has been known for thousands of years as an anti inflammatory and stress relieving plant. Due to these abilities, Lavender was widely used in personal hygiene, cosmetics, saunas and baths. Lavender can be found in the bathwater of the Romans, in the Perfumes of the French courtiers and in the skincare products of the Victorian era.

Our own grown and freshly minced Marigold blossoms give the soap not only a pleasent look and aroma but also a piece of nordic nature. Together these two ingredients create a truly remarkable soap, which has been our client's favorite for more than two decades.


  • Ingredients

    Lard, Sodium Hydroxide, Freshly minced marigold, Lavender essential oil

  • Weight

    120 grams

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