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Sage soap

Sage soap

Sage soap


Sage soap, with it's vivid colour and aroma, tempts not only with the looks, but also with the healthy effects it has.

Sage, which originates from the shores of mediterranean, was classified as a holy plant by Hippokrates and Dioscorides. It was used as an anti-inflammator and disinfectant. Clary sage essential oil has a most calming and stress lowering effect.

It stimulates and balances the nervous system, soothes headaches and helps with sleeplessness. It elevates the mental and physical abilities. Sage offers a strong relief against skin irritation.

It is then no small wonder, that sage has been so much used throughout the history and continues still to be used today as well. A perfect soap for delicate skin as it is an especially soft and gentle on the skin, whilst offering a delicately fresh and floral aroma.

  • Ingredients

    Lard, Sodium hydroxide, Paprika, Sage essential oil

  • Weight

    120 grams

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